N. Stephanie Spika

Background Checks/NICS
I oppose expanding background check systems at the federal or state level.  Criminals will find a way to get firearms through theft, on the black market, through friends, etc.  No amount of background checks will stop these criminals.  I also oppose gun registration.  Records kept on legal gun owners do not need to be in the hands of our government.

Commonly Owned Semi-Automatic Rifles

​I fully support the ownership of firearms that the anti-gunners love to call "assault weapons."  The antis are constantly trying to ban these guns, all based on their looks.  There is no data that supports any effectiveness of these types of bans in lowering crime.  I am the proud owner of an AR-15 and I do not intend on giving it up!

Hunting and Conservation

I am an avid hunter and support our nation's great hunting heritage.  I am a staunch supporter of state "Right to Hunt and Fish" constitutional amendments and have worked to help pass such amendments in multiple states.

National Right to Carry Reciprocity

I am a huge supporter of legislation to allow concealed carry holders to carry throughout our great nation, regardless of what state they may travel through.  Even though we, as gun owners, have the Firearm Owners Protection Act on our side for transportation of firearms, many anti-gun local officials ignore it, and it has been gutted by the courts.

On The Issues

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