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I grew up in rural Montana and passed hunters education at 12 years old. While hunting and shooting were a normal part my youth, I never fully understood the importance of our Second Amendment until I entered the political realm. After working on various political campaigns and working for the NRA-ILA, I realized more than ever how valuable our Right to Keep and Bear Arms really is. It takes all of us as gun owners to work together to defend the constant attacks against our rights.

As an NRA Board Member, I’d work relentlessly to preserve our Second Amendment and strengthen the NRA. The attacks against our way of life will not decrease so we need to build the best NRA possible to ensure that future generations can experience the rights and freedoms we enjoy today.

  • NRA Patron Member
  • Former NRA Spokesman
  • 2010 NRA Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Safari Club International Member
  • Ducks Unlimited Member
  • Virginia Shooting Sports Association Member
  • Virginia Citizens Defense League Member

I did not win the 2017 election.  However, my name is on the ballot for the 76th board member.  Any NRA member who is present during the NRA Annual Meetings in Atlanta may cast their ballot in the Membership/Voter Verification room in B403 on Level 4, Building B of the Georgia World Congress Center.  Please encourage your friends to vote!

"If any of you out there are lifetime members, I’d urge you to consider signing Ms. Spika’s petition. Take it from me, she won’t let you down."

S.H. Blannelberry, GunsAmerica

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